Is it or isn't it?

Well it's Sunday and we're away at my mums for a few days; I'm being Mr unsociable with my wife, sister, mum and 14 week old....sitting here making use of my mobile Interwebs to keep up on things. I can't even go a few days without! (what does that remind me of).

Now as some of you are aware I never smoke at weekends or evenings, it's just a work thing. I've got a few days leave over the next few days so that'll be a few more days of being smoke free.

Once I've hit 4 I might as well carry on right?

hhhmmmmmmmm :o

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  • Yes definitely! 4 days = all nicotine gone so you'll only have to contend with the psychological cravings...well i say ONLY....:p

    Do it do it do it! All you have to do now is make the decision to make the commitment and everyone here will help drag you through the rest!:)

    So what's it to be.... ?(no pressure or anything;))

  • Meh! Ok you talked me in to it, as of now this shall be known as Day 2.

  • Meh! Ok you talked me in to it, as of now this shall be known as Day 2.

    Excellent....i will now take ALL the credit for the last 2 days of your quit;):D

    Just kidding - top banana decision! :)

  • Ok ... thems two days are need to level it out by giving me your first two day :P

    RAWR :eek:

  • Touche! Looks like i'll have to make it through at least 4 days now, 2 for you and 2 for me....and then i hear after 4 days you may as well keep going!!:D

  • YAY for us.

  • Wish you both all the best, you can do it :D

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