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tooth ache etc

omg cant stand the pain much longer even on hubs morphine tablets and not going away. Started with bleeding gums and now entire gums feel swollen and I can not bite. Have been drinking soup for 2 days and i am starving. At least it addressed the issue of me constantly eating before. I begrudge going to dentist as it will cost me money for him ti poke and prod making it more painful and they tell me to use corsodyl or somethiing. Can any one tell me how long does this last.?

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Just from what I've read on links on here it seems that sore and bleeding gums can be a side effect. Your gums healing themselves apparently.

Nicotine constricts blood supply so smokers have thicker gum tissue. Once you quit blood flow to gums increases and should be comparable to a non smoker by 2 weeks. This is all reversing the risk of tooth loss and shrinking gums!

So, on the bright side - it should stop soon and your teeth won't fall out !!!:D


I have also read the stuff on your gums and capillaries n stuff healing and repairing and I suppose they say no pain no gain. I know I am reopening old threads with this but i must be doing my hubbys head in moaning to him so i am moaning to you lot instead. I am starting to tink though that my gums are more than just repairing. One side of my mouth is all swollen and inflammed. If I thought a ciggy would take it away instantly I would be down the shop now getting 10 of the cheapest. But it wont help will it! Just make my waste the last 2 wweks effort


hey newme - grrrr toothache SUCKS:( Sending you LOTS of sympathy (i always find sympathy helps more than painkillers when i have toothache!:p)

Sorry i can't be more help, never had the gum thing in past quits (and hope i dont this time too!). You are right though a cig wont take the pain away, it'll just add annoyance that you smoked - 2 weeks is a big deal, keep plodding on, hopefully you're gums will heal soon and you wont be plodding anymore, you'll be skipping your way to a 1 month milestone:D



I had the bleeding gums thing for ages, really badly - I even phoned my dentist to check if this was ok!! I don't suffer with it quite so much now, and I've been quit for a year.

Apparently smoking masks the signs of gum disease, so when you stop it becomes more apparent.

Not sure if you can reverse gum disease..but quitting smoking must help.




Forgot to say...that was my reason for quitting...some of my teeth were becoming loose and my dentist told me to quit otherwise I would lose some (if not all) of my teeth within the next 10 years!!


Hi Newme

Poor you, toothache is just the pits. Buckets of sympathy.

I would be inclined to go to the dentist though as it does sound like you are in tons of pain and I don't think quitting should give you that much pain. I hate dentists and I can sympathise with but better safe than sorry.

But until you do,,, soothing toughest coming your way


ahhhh thanks guys. The sympathy thing really works. You really are lovely people. I have decided to go to dentist tomorrow. Have an emergency appointment booked. Hate dentists but if it is something seriious i want it seen to. I feel like pulling own teeth out so what ever he does cant make it worse. Will never go back to ciggies coz i dont want to go through this twice!


I'm so relieved you're going to the dentist. Some teething problems are normal I gather (huge apologies for the pun!) but that sounds like something more is at issue.

Hope the dentist gets it sorted for you soon. Dental pain is horrendous.

Thinking of you xx


been to dentist

well went to dentist yesterday and i have absess's beneath all my teeth. I have anti biotics and ...... Wait for it...... Corsodyl. I go back on the 25 th for xrays. Hey what is great though, i can only eat soup which stops me constantly snacking. However bought chocolate mousses on way back from dentists. So will enjoy them today mmm and icecream, mmm and jelly, mmm angel delight.


arrrghh - abscesses are soooo painful.....been there. Dont worry though antibiotics should kick in pretty quick and take the edge off the pain. Feel better soon :)


my hb made me scrambled egg yesterday' it was nice but not as nice as asda red pepper n parmasan soup. I had my blip yesterday too. my dopey hb left a rolly in his ashtray in spare room and when i went to put clothes away i heard it calling my name. I made a coffee, got a light of the grill and sat and smoked it. I will not lie, the first draw tasted like my first ever smoke, but every draw after that hit the back of my throat like poison. . I can safely say i did not enjoy it, wont be doing it again and feel quite upset i spoilt my unblemished record. Today my gums feel a little less painful and i am going to have a doughhnot which i have been looking forqard to since yesterday.


ahh hugs hun. i have dental phobia so dont go to the dentist till cant bear the pain any more so i can fully sympathise with you. dont blame you one bit for your lapse but at least you now know its not worth it!

also your antibiotics will kick in soon, so glad you went and got checked over. at least its something definate and they didnt send you away saying it was a quitting smoking symptom.

keep your chin up hun



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