No Smoking Day
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day 5

Day 5 for me and I'm happy to say that so far ( I know it's only early !!) it's not going too bad.

Driven home from work after a night shift and I would usually smoke 4 or 5 cigs in that hour long journey. Today did a bit of deep breathing and some 'pretend' funny hand to mouth smoking actions, which might have looked a bit weird but I thought Sunday morning, hardly anyone on the roads and I was in the safety of my car !!! Might get some odd stares tomorrow doing the same thing - Monday morning rush hour!:eek: But I don't care. I got home smoke free and that's the main thing!! Off to bed now and you can't smoke when you're asleep!!!:)

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Well done Juliee, i've got this image in my mind now of you sat in the car with your hands waving about :D lol if it works for you it doesn't matter what other people think anyway

Keep it going

Jane x


Well done julee for day 5 . me too. love the idea of making funny hand to mouth movements had a go myself ,its quite funny and weird , saw someone smoking today ,they looked weird too, it was like seeing it like an alien might. good luck and well done



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