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Had enough!!!

Dont know how much longer i can cope without a cig now. Ive got this far and dont wanna start again but my facial acne is getting that bad i dont wanna go out or even to work!! :eek:

I thought i was doing ok up until about 2 weeks ago when i started with the acne, not to mention the constant itching with the rest of my body...other than that everything else is fine.

Dont even wanna smoke anymore but cant cope with the spots much longer...ive only ever suffered with the odd spot as a smoker not a face full.

Is this part of the healing process and if so how long will it continue??

If you have any idea about this PLEASE let me know.

Hope everyone else ok and coping with their quit.



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Hey Leanne, sorry to hear you're having a tough time right now. The acne may be completely unrelated to quitting or it could be part of your body's healing process, either way I would suggest, for your own peace of mind, that you make an appointment to see your doctor.

Well done for sticking with your quit. Hope all goes well.

Marilyn :)


so sorry that you are having such a tough time :( iv never expierenced this..i think you should go to the dr!! i hope it gets better hun!! dont wont help!i


hi leanne, don't know anything about acne, but the constant itching sounds a bit like eczema, and if it is you should think about changing the soap and shampoo (and/or washing powder) you use, or better still wash without soap - but most of all don't overwash and, really most importantly, don't scratch those itches!

whatever the solution you find, remember that part of giving up smoking is learning to cope with life, so look at this challenge as a good opportunity to show the nicodemon how strong you have become. life is full of through challanges, but if we get trough them smoke free we are ready and stronger for the next one!


Quit zits are part and parcel of it. It does get better.

Have a look at these old posts


More Spots

It does get better but it is something to go through and IS DEFINATELY NOT a good reason to smoke again.

I hope this helps, it is a crap part of stopping but look at it this way at least all that dirt locked in your face from smoking is finally being able to come out :eek:




i was just saying too that i am itching all over for the last week or so ,and getting quite a lot of tiny little zit,s.

dont know what the itching is all about but it,s annoying i can feel your pain there

i am sure the spots will go soon but the itching?




I had bad acne too but it soon clears up and your skin will look sooo much better. i have actually got colour to my skin. Its just another way of your body getting rid of the toxins. Believe me, you will feel and look way better once it calms down

take care and keep the quit up



Dont give up because of this. I had EXACTLY the same problem about 2 weeks ago, itchy legs, itchy face, itchy scalp, they werent even spots I had they where massive giant mountains. I had terrible cracks at the corner of my mouth that where the most painful thing. I went to the docs and he said that it is still my body passing out the toxins of smoking, the tar doesnt actually compltley leave your body until approx 3 months he said.

I am still having the problem with my mouth and itchy scalp but am holding onto the docs opinion that it will stop.

I know how you feel!!

Stay strong!!!

Jill xxx


Thanks for all the helpful messages...Still spotty n itchy but will cope now i know it will probably clear up soon...Dont know where i would be in my quit if it wasnt for you guys on here..this site has really helped me...THANKS!




Never heard of acne as a quit symptom learn something new every day.

Spots aint worth giving 3 months up! See what your GP can suggest.


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