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Hi everybody, well, back from my holiday in Portugal, and on day 25 of no smoking. I was so glad I DIDN'T smoke (eg. outside airport, on plane, outside bars etc) One night had a few drinks and could really have had a cig...... but I Didn't. You could smoke in certain bars, and in one part of a bar in the hotel, not like back home. I was really surprised how many smokers there were! but glad I wasn't one of them, the place stunk and so did my clothes after. I am so proud of myself never ever thought I'd get this far after smoking over 30 years. x Bet.

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Well done you.

In the past I have always used the excuse of saying 'it can't be a holiday' or 'it can't be a Birthday' UNLESS you can have a cigarette. Like you'd be missing out on something good if you weren't smoking.

You are proof that you can have a good time/holiday etc being smoke free!:)


Thank you Jullie, nearly caved in one night, but didn't so many smoking abroad much more than back home. I just said to myself feel sorry for them they would like to be like me it did help. Once again thanks for your kind words and good luck your doing great.


Well done :D


Yeeeeeees! Really well done Betty B. KNEW you could do it!!


Thank you Karri D D and Chrissie getting there with all your support. x


Hey bet, well done - lots of us worry about the first smoke free holiday. Good to know it can be done even relatively early in the quit.

Congratulations, and stick with it!

Helen x


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