No Smoking Day
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10 weeks and its getting much better...theres the light--i see it!

10 weeks quit today and what a journey!! over this time my trigger to want to smoke has always been stress...people get me so mad cuz they hurt me and i always thought "god how i want a cig to calm down" but i never did it (yea me!!) :D my brother really got to me today and this is the first time that i didnt think of having a cig..what a great feeling!! it didnt even enter my mind and i just now thought of this a couple of miniutes ago!! MY MIND IS FINALLY CHANGING!!:D WHAT A RELIEF

i think i will take my son to the movies tonight and relax and i hope my fellow quitters are doing well!! i treated myself to some new shoes & earrings...I DESERVE IT!!!:cool:

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Well done and yes i agree...What a journey!!

Still struggle sometimes but wouldnt start again.

Enjoy the pics with your deserve it :D




thanks leanne and karri!! we saw "mars need moms" in 3d. was lots of fun!! i really wish you guys well in your quits!! i know it can be really really hard but you gotta remember your reasons to stop and take time to think think before you lite up!! good here if ya need me:)


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