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Going out on cig breaks with smokers

Its something i have found really hard to give up in all honesty.:(

At first it i thought it was becasue i enjoyed the 3/4 mins away from the desk and didnt think it was going to harm me, but today i've realised that i've been sitting waiting patiently for my smoking collegues to go outside and light up, so that i can enhale the passive smoke and make it feel like im smoking. Im going to have to try and break this habit, but did anyone else do this when stopping? I've had no nicotine since Sunday and i thought id be at the stage where i wouldnt want to go out them them anymore:o

Im on day 10:)

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Well done 10 days in :D

I would seriously consider stopping these "breaks" - cant you have something else to look forward to when they go like chocolate !!??


Someone recently posted on a similar thing. They kept going on the smoking breaks because it reinforced their quit ie reminded them of the smell, reminded them of how desperate smokers were etc.

I did exactly that for those reasons and it worked for me BUT it seems your reasons differ so i'd take Karri's advice and not put yourself in the way of temptation.

When they go out then go and make a coffee or do anything to pass those 3/4 minutes (which isn't really a long time when you think about it) and you'll be surprised how quickly you can retrain the brain to ignore any thoughts of joining them.


i have just been outside with the smokers because i chose to go outside not because like them they had to go out because they were controlled by cigarettes. I remind myself that i am not adicted to smoking i am addicted to nicotine and i get that from my lozenge. Props to you for going without nicotine since sunday, bbut i would suggest using nrt if you feel you need to go out to passive smoke.


hello and congrats on your quit!!:) i dont go out with them anymore..but i have passed through them to get to my car at times and have taken a wiff! then thats when i tell myself to get in the car and im better off without this junk!!! but whatever works for you is best.. i just dont want to!! i now go on break with the non smokers....they are really lovely people!! lol who knew;)


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