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Bad day yesterday!


Dont know why but I had a really bad day yesterday, been off cigs two months and off nicotine 1 month now but yesterday I felt like I was having constanct nicotine cravings all day. It was awful. Also had a very bad morning with excessive coughing yesterday which is odd as that hasent happened for a few weeks. So was a pritty bad day on the whole!

But I managed not to smoke. Thinking about not wanting to stink of cigs around my daughter and about all the hard work Ive done with my running and Krav maga to get fit again really works. This might be optimistic thinking but I think the only thing that would make me relapse now would be a drunken night out. So Im still avoiding that.

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Well done for resisting Dave! We all have bad days like that occasionally, even a good way into the quit. I've had the odd day that's made me wonder if it's really worth the hassle. It's a good time to reaffirm all your reasons, and have a good hard think about what it would really be like if you gave in to your impulse. It wouldn't be good, and it isn't worth it, end of.

Keep on keeping on, for your beautiful daughter and for YOU!



Oddly enough i'm fine on drunken nights out...........i gave up New Years Eve when i was out drinking so maybe that has something to do with it ;)

Seriously though, i think it's because it 1) Mellows me out so it takes the edge of any craving and 2) i can have a sip of beer or wine (even meths if i'm desperate ;)) when i get a craving to take my mind of it.

I suppose i'm the odd one that looks forward to nights out :p

...... but back to Dave's issue.....

You'll be fine matey, the dastardly nicodemon/habitdemon can hit you were it hurts and when you least expect it.

We all fought him off in the early days/weeks but he's a sneaky little devil but knowing he's gonna come for you at some point is your best defence as you can try and keep yourself mentally prepared and ready to fight...........and don't despair as reading around the posts there's a few of us he's been annoying once we're into counting months of quit so you're not on your own (myself included :mad:).


Hope today has been better Dave, keep thinking positive :)


I felt like I was having constanct nicotine cravings all day

... but in fact what felt like a craving was your body asking for something else! try and find out what it wants, cos your body is too clever to be asking for cigarettes....

keep your sights set on that 10k run, whole load of us on here are going to be well impressed with you when you achieve that!


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