No Smoking Day
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Day 2

Hi all

Got to day 2 Not smoked, but far worse than yesterday, was at home today better yesterday at work. Had my two 3 year old grandchildren all day temper tantrums the lot (the children not me lol). Just felt like i needed 20cigarette's when they had gone but I had a bath instead. Having a glass of wine now but don't want to become an alcoholic. I am starving all the time as well. Any advice please.

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Well done, you got through it however hard it may have been. At least the positive bit of grandchildren is you can hand them back! :D

Can't help on the eating front, it's how I survive at the moment! You are doing brilliant though so keep going, it will get better.


Thanks I really am trying to be posative. Day 3 here I come. Very long days though.Will hopefully be better tomorrow when I am working.


Best of luck Chris. The early days do seem long. I think Josie suggested on another post to write down the hours of the day on a piece of paper and tick them off as they pass... that may help, and it's something I'm going to do tomorrow.


Hi Chris

Well done on getting through a day with the g/children without resorting to fags!!!

The appetite, I'm afraid it just seems to be part of the whole thing! I embraced it (big time!) and used it to allow myself treats that I don't normally have - like cakes and chocolate. A sort well done for not smoking present to myself!

Now one month in things are easier and I'm getting a grip of the extra weight I've put on!


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