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Oh hello month 4?!!

Is it bad of me to have completely missed my 4 month smoke-a-versary?! It was Friday just gone and have only realised when i looked in my diary for something else and it's written in red pen!!

Honestly, i've not really thought about smoking for the last month and it feels BRILL!! One thing i have noticed though is how horrific other people smell, esp those who smoke 'full fat' fags (i was a menthol-head, they do smell less which is good as most of my friends are also menthol-heads - although they still don't smell nice like me!!). I think if every smoker could step away from themselves and smell their hair and their clothes, they would all quit, who wants to small that bad?!

Another exciting thing is that I'M GETTING MARRIED!!! Nov 4th 2011, so less than 8 months time, eek!! And it'll be my one year of not smoking on 13th November, so hopefully when we're on honeymoon, how lush is that?! Definitely going to organisae a super-special nice meal, maybe some skin treatments etc to make the most of my smoke-free body!!

I am truly truly happy that i won't be a bride who stinks of fags (i have met them, they are very smelly!) - i do have 3 bridesmaids who all smoke though and have aksed them to not smoke in their dresses until after the ceremony, then am hoping they won't have time for the rest of the day cos they'll be looking after me!! Maybe a bit harsh to ban them from smoking altogether?!:confused:

Anyway, hadn't posted on here for a while so thought i'd come and say hi and update y'all with my news and my happy thoughts - 115.5 days since i last smoked, £661.07 saved, and still the single best decision i have EVER made!:D

Hope you're all hanging in there Xxxxx

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So exciting to be getting married. Enjoy the planning as it is all part of it. I loved planning my wedding and it was truely the most amazing and special day.

No wonder you missed hitting your 4 months on Friday you have had loads going on.

Just think of all that money you will save from not smoking that you could spend on the wedding now.

Oh I am so jealous lol.

So so pleased for you, on both counts of getting to 4 months and getting married. Huge congrats to you hunni.



Congratulation! It gives hope to those of us early in a quit that milestones can pass and be missed... each hour is a milestone at the moment!! So pleased that something that had such a grip on your life is becoming such a distant memory. Best of luck with the wedding!


Eek thanks Levs and Phoebe!

Its true, i do have SO much going on at the mo, what with the wedding, 2 gyms to go to, 2 jobs and friends going through a whole range of traumas i don't have time to even think about smoking!

The first 2 months at least were dealt with by the hour Phoebe, seriously. What helped me get through was a combination of being able to breath, taste and smell again (i still LOVE taking a big deep breath and not coughing!!), my heart and lungs stopped hurting, plus numerous patches and lollipops (Chubba Chups are the best!). I am also very lucky to have a very supportive OH, who is a fitness freak and has never smoked - he has cronic asthma and the difference me not smoking has made to him is massive :)

Stick at it and before you know it you'll be like me and will have forgotton whats going on!! :p


Hey, Congrats! on many things really! - On your wedding, on your 4 months and on your complete dedication to your quit (so complete that you seem to have forgotten about it there for a little bit).

It's great that you're so excited about your non-smoking life.. this will show all the smokers on here that are thinking about quitting that life doesn't stop and get boring and grey when we quit smoking... it get's amazing!

Well done again Jenni, and thanks for the update x


Well done Jenni :) Woop woop 4 months !!! And fantastic news on your wedding :D


Hi Jenni,


No wonder you missed your 4 month anniversary, with a wedding to plan :eek:

Jenni, you have put me to shame - on my wedding day, 47 years ago, l was sneaking the odd cigarette, as l had told my husband-to-be that l had given up. :o Having just said that, l realise that l must have been smoking for 50 years, and not 47 years :eek:

Anyway. congratulations again on your quit and your marriage. :)

Josie XXX


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