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the big six M


six months today... or as i just said to a friend, six months since i've been happy lol

but things are getting better, i've definitely reached the corner, it's long and slow but i can see the curve!

i don't smell bad

i can breath easy

my skin is much clearer

no more ash on surfaces

my thinking is way clearer

im saving heaps of money...

...and spending it on food!

i'm less stressed about everything

i'm a better friend to my friends, even when i'm grumpy!

i'm a member of a wonderful forum for ex nicotine addicts!

i don't cough and wheeze like i used to

no more holes in clothes/furniture/me!

colds don't knock me out for days

sometimes i have good days :)

non-smokers like me!

i like me!!


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It's so great to have those moments, when you have that 'light bulb' moment wake up to how much better your life really is without cigarettes - when you don't just say all that stuff, but you really feel it. And when you can see yourself as a genuine non smoker, instead of just someone who is temporarily not smoking.

I am so glad you're reaching that point, because I know its been a struggle. You have done SO BLOODY WELL and you should be SO BLOODY PROUD.

H xxx

yay thank you :) there's a wee tear in my eye, yes, it has been a struggle!!!

6 months, six months that's SIX MONTHS.

Woweee, many congratulations. Brilliant stuff

:) thanx dale, feels good to see that big text and know it's for me lol, now i'm going to celebrate with a big long hot bath, and no need to take an ashtray in with me!

Congratulations to you on achieving the 6 month mark!


ty pusscat, and best wishes to you for your quit, stick to it!

Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Well done 5mol<er. 6 Months is massive and from what I have seen before from others is that it can be a big turning point.

You should be really very proud of yourself. 1/2 a year smoke free, go you !!!! :D

Hello Smoker,

I congratulate you on your six months; it is a struggle isn't it! Really think you need a new moniker now :rolleyes:


X5mol<er :D


Congrats again!

Oh I used to! :o

ty pusscat, and best wishes to you for your quit, stick to it!

I'm trying. Two months today but thinking about smoking almost non stop today it seems. :( :( :(

One day at a time I guess

Marilyn :)

Congratulations and love the list :)

Do people really smoke in the bath :eek:

Way, way back when my husband and I were both smoking and we smoked indoors, I used to 'enjoy' a glass of wine and a fag or two in the bath whilst reading a good book. It's not a pretty thought is it!

Huge congrats on 6 months :D Bet you never thought you'd see this day. But you did it. Well done :)


Good morning. I just nipped across to see how things were going and saw this. A very big well done from me too. 6 Months is amazing, thats half a year, half way to the penthouse which is truely an amazing acheivement.

From me again CONGRATS & heres to the next 6 months and to the seat at the Bar in the Penthouse.


i'm a member of a wonderful forum for ex nicotine addicts!

Can you please post a link to such a forum? :D

In all seriousness well done, i dream of getting that far as it's still a distant star at the moment for me.

Hey 5mol<er!

Been waiting to see this post :) I know you had some really rough times so I'm so happy to see that long list of advantages that you're feeling. I especially like the last one! You being happy with yourself is all that matters, and you've worked super hard to get to where you are.

I'm coming up right behind you, I'll give you a virtual high-five when I get to this part of the forum on Saturday. Until then enjoy your +6 month quit, you really really deserve it :) Here's to another 6 months!


ty all for the lovely comments, proper feels like me birthday all over again :) SLB a big yay to the virtual high five on Saturday!!!

breezy ty i used ur idea in my sig, oh my increasingly inaccurate username!!


Well done on your six months and a great post luring all of those coming along behind you on the path.

What's your 6 month treat - imagine mine was food related, probably cupcakes with loads of butter icing and jelly thingies.


Well done :D yes it is hard at times but we get there . love your sig you cant smoke everytime you have an emotion . I think that is so appt .

WELL DONE 5mol<er!!!!

So sorry i missed it!!!

Well done to you my friend, never doubted you for a second!

Not long till the penthouse!

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