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A test.........Passed

Hello all

Just wanted to share this with you

I was out with my good lady wife on Saturday night with some friends in fact the first big night out since my quit. There is normally about 3 or 4 of us who nip out for a cig, this Saturday however I refrained, never felt like one and did not miss it one bit.

I think if the night out was a couple of weeks earlier then I would have probably caved in. Woke up on Sunday extremely pleased with myself though slightly hungover!

Thanks to all on this forum for the help and support, it's really great knowing people have been there before and can offer help and insight


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It's always a worry when you go out socially, for the first time :confused: I remember feeling a great sense of achievement my first time. :cool:

You have just passed your first BIG hurdle. :D Well done again. :D

Josie XXX


Thats excellent. Getting passed the first time out can be a big test and you passed it, so well done you :D:D


Thanks for all the positive comments! Much appreciated

Spot on their Karri, I've finally found my thread! he he!!

Shaun x


Big up to you Shaun - you must feel great getting through that tester. The sense of pride is a great reward, so enjoy it!


Thanks Hels, much appreciated. Onwards and upwards and all that.

I've started to excercise more, going out on an evening for a walk and also during the day at work.

I'm hoping to get addicted to getting fit!

Once again thanks



Massive well done Shaun, that's a huge milestone!! You should be feeling very smug right about now! :D

I really worried about the first time i went out after my quit, especially involving alcohol. I worried so much that i got very drunk but didn't give in, even though i had a permanant crave all night and broke the guiness world record for the most lollies consumed in a night. But what kept me from lighting up was simply the promise i made to myself to look after me and get my fitness back in 2011. Sounds simple but it definately wasn't!

I think i am becoing addicted to the gym though, but i think that's a good thing!!;)



so happy for ya shaun:D it is quite tough when you go out socially again and others are lighting up but you did so well. i have to stop after three drinks cuz then i get the smoking urge sure that i will overcome this eventually:eek: again congrats on your first outing smoke free...its a nice feeling:D keep it up!!


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