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No Smoking Day
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Heeeelllllllp sudden sneezing fit and now runny nose that hurts!!!!

I have gone all day without sneezing or coughing or even having a runny nose, now it is 12am and my son has woken up with a really bad cough as if I have been smoking round him (which I NEVER have, I always smoked outside away from him) and I have started sneezing like mad and got a really bad runny nose, I have blown it that many times it feels red raw :-( my partner who doesn't smoke is fine, so why is it only me and my son that has suddenly come on with these symptoms??????

Can anyone help an ex smoker and mother :-(

Thank you everyone :-)

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I woud say you are both ill and that your husband is the carrier which is why he is not ill. I wouldn't say this has anything to do with giving up smoking.

Have a duvet day the pair of you and I hope you feel better soon.



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