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Good Morning Day 4

Day 4 is here... my mind is still playing tricks on me!

I'm not dying from the urges or anything--- I really think this is because I already know what to expect- for many people quitting is like walking into the unknown.

Its funny, my girlfriend is quitting with me and she is going literally INSANE! I watched her flip out for a good 2 hours last night. I kept telling her to go eat a big bowl of pineapple that I just cut up or go have some blueberries- she decided on sushi and amazingly that killed her urge to smoke.

Back to me.... So I wake up this morning and I am moving around and making coffee and I start to play through my day a bit and I'm thinking "I'll make my coffee, go to the computer, have a smoke, visit some websites" and then I stopped and thought to myself "really? a smoke?" and just kinda shook my head as I was a little surprised that I was still throwing cigarettes into my day. The mind really does play tricks on you when trying to quit.

In any event, this is day 4. I feel a lot better today in regards to breathing. I can take very deep breathes, my lungs feel like they are really clearing out. I am coughing up some very nasty crap but that is expected and should continue for a few months depending on how much crap I have in my lungs still.

Thats all I have for now, will drop by later if anything crazy happens.

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Well done :D

The tricks are very odd, I still get them now and often say "I'll just have a cigarette and then do........" and then I think no I won't!


Well done Steve, the main thing is you are still smoke free and another day under your belt. Joan xxx


This is tough, I'm having some really strong urges right now. Feeling extremely stressed out.

Haha this is great.. I just wrote a whole paragraph and realized half way through that I wasn't craving anymore. I deleted the paragraph as it was full of nonsense and anger over the craving.

Thanks forum for getting me through another!


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