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No Smoking Day
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Funny feeling in my chest/stomach

Can't really explain it that well. It's neither pleasant nor unpleasant.

Sort of like "butterflies" if you've ever experienced them before a big game or before speaking in public.

Is it just in my mind or is there something physical going on? I know everyone "says" nicotine is pretty much out of your system in 3 days. How do we know that's really true? How do we know Doctors & Scientists aren't just saying that to make us feel better?

How Schizophrenic of me , eh? (I hope I spelled that right). :D

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It's probably anxiety, brought about by not smoking. Symptoms of anxiety are physical! You're not smoking when your brain has been taught to expect it, so your brain is going to all sorts of lengths to prompt you into giving it that hit.

It's all about the psychological readjustment now, but be prepared for the fact that this can often bring about physical symptoms and sensations.

Hang tough. This too shall pass.



Been there

Hi Gerry - i''ve had that before - like butterflies but then you think "but i'm not nervous about anything!".

I agree with Hels - body readjusting and brain going "excuse me please, i think i'm due some nicotine"...do whatever it takes to ride it out and try not to focus on it too much, or if you're like me you'll end up in pointless debates with yourself re smoking vs not smoking. Try to think of it as a good thing, it's the feeling of your body getting healthier :)


Thanks for all the info and advice.


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