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ok so here i am at 9 weeks with no nicotene...NOTHING!!! everyone who can possibly piss me off over the last two days has managed to do so and now i gotta hang out with these people tonite!! they are my family. what is it about brothers, moms, dad, grandparents that can get to us so much!!?? i have practiced much deep breathing over these two days!! i believe i even put a pen cap in my mouth and sucked the air through the little hole to feel like i was smoking something:eek:......(you can stop laughing now!!):rolleyes: i went to 7-eleven today after dropping my son off at karate and i got a coffee and eyeballed those cigs really hard:eek: i actually thought about it!!! but no i didnt do it:) when i really stopped and thought about what i would be giving up by giving in to the nicodemon i decided that i worked to long and hard and that this is my 3rd time trying to quit in my life and this is the longest i have ever gone and i will not give up!!! sometimes that urge to smoke comes so fast and so hard and it hits ya like a ton of bricks and you gotta be really strong..i hate it....why o why did i ever start this horrible habit...will it invade my thinking forever....oh well at least i didnt smoke and i will proceed in telling the nicodemon to kiss my ---!!!

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WELL DONE for resisting. It can be so tough sometimes. But you're right, to smoke now would be throwing away so much hard work, so many improvements in your health... and all for the privilege of getting a two second high and getting hooked right back on that stupid, stupid drug. It wouldn't actually replace your current relatives with new, shiny, less annoying ones!! :D

You did the right thing. You are strong and you WILL get through this!

H xxx


Well done for not giving in. What is it they say 'you can choose your friends but not your family' Families are always going to be a pain, i'll trade you my in laws for all of your family, I promise after a week you would be begging for yours back lol

It does get easier. I get rare cravings since I hit 3 months and most of the ones now are PMT related (sorry TMI) but its just to show it does get easier.

Hope you have a good evening, if it gets too bad just drink :D


thanks hels and levs!! you guys are to funny..i just cant stand how they all get under my skin so much!! i know we all have our stuff to go though so i will go through it with a smile and make the best of it!!


im a quitter, I hope you feel suitably proud of yourself that you didn't smoke!

The wonderful thing is that next time you will sale through it much easier, because you've been there, got the t-shirt and still didn't smoke. The next situation will have far less of an impact as far as wanting to smoke goes.

Well done :)


thanks guys :) it went ok karri...thanks...i got throught it and i didnt smoke...week 10 here i come!!


Well done! The next time you do it will be easier. x


Hi im a quitter,

I gave up on 01/Jan/ 2008, and empathise with how you are feeling. I think that in some ways, the first few days are the easiest - l felt both exhilerated and excited at the prospect of taking on the challenge of the battle with Evil Nic :eek:

Then, after a few weeks, the novelty of quitting has started to wear a bit thin :( This is when, often quite unexpectantly, Nic suddenly grabs you by the throat, and wheedles, cajoles, and entices you to fan him into life once more :eek: This is when you have to STAY STRONG. Kick him into touch, beat him round the head and tell him to SOD OFF lol.

Keep staying smokefree.

Josie XXX


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