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Day 3 -Cold Turkey- Deja Vu


Hello Day 3!

For any of you reading this is my second time quitting. I was cigarette free for an entire year but relapsed like an idiot.

What I've noticed so far:

Taste is increasing

Smell is increasing

More energetic- not from the withdrawal process

I know things will only get better from here... because I've done it before!

Of course I am still getting urges, I do not expect these to disappear until maybe the 3 month mark-- although they do drop dramatically in the frequency in which the occur- so no worries all of you ex-smokers, everyday forward will get better, I promise!

For urges I've been just stuffing my face-- with healthy things of course. When I'm getting a bad urge I'll eat a bowl of strawberries or blueberries until I can't eat anymore and get a stomach ache-- and what do ya know??? The urge is gone! Now, I don't recommend going this route for ever and I don't recommend going this route with ice cream or candy otherwise you'll have a whole new problem once you're cigarette free.

Thats all I have for now. Good luck everyone and keep on pushing!!!

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You seem so focused - it's great :)

Well done to you :)

Ditto - cant think of anything to add except - keep going like you are :D

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