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a women possessed

please stop me i cant stop tidying its now 12.38am and i still got loads of energy and loads left to do hope my dyson dont wake the neighbours

am sat here for five mins having an a suck in my inhalator i used to tidy then fag more tidy then fag so this is a big trigger for me wen i am in spring clean mode but i am happy with my inhalator and dont want a cigarette so all good

this NRT/CT debate gets to me abit cause i am just happy not to be smoking wat ever it takes to get there i dont feel i am prolonging the agony as i dont feel i am in agony anymore my mind is strong and getting better by the day and if depending on NRT so far has got me here then i dont care, cause i know for absolute definate i can come off the NRT with alot more ease then the cigarettes simply because my mental state is so strong now where as i admit i was weak at the beginning, its an individual choice how u quit and this route was my choice

right enough sitting around i have more spring cleaning to do

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finally finished really wanna do the recycling but clattering about with tins wont go down well lol


OMG Boo, seriously, please come round to mine. The place is an absolute tip, I have an ironing pile which I swear is starting to growl and move around, I have a stinking cold and don't feel like doing any of it but at the same time it's making me completely miserable. All I'm doing is stomping around the place swearing about what a mess it is, but not actually fixing it.

Please come to my house and make it all better :(


Hi Boo

Know what you mean about cleaning being a trigger I find it quite difficult, it is all those 15 minute sit downs for a fag, you're right.

But how to get over them without sitting down and eating instead! HELP SOMEONE I can't possibly clean all day, that would be against my religion!

Sorry Hels, Boo maybe the girl for you. I'm most definitely not!


What is this cleaning thing everyone is talking about? And who the hell is this dyson person?:confused:


lol u are funny


I agree with Dale, my smoking breaks have now become eating breaks. So I either laze around all day putting on weight and not getting fit or rush about all day using up energy but eat my bodyweight in food :eek:


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Looks like Anna has other ideas as to what you could do with your cleaning breaks :D


Looks like Anna has other ideas as to what you could do with your cleaning breaks

:D:D I need more smilies :D:D


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