Day 4 doesn't feel great

Day 4, seems to be the worst so far considering its only midday, have been fine all morning, days 1, 2 & 3, evenings and afternoons have been the worst. Hopefully this is a good sign and this afternoon and evening will be ok. All the nicotine would have supposedly left my body now had I not been using gum but I don't know how I would of done it without the gum. I think breaking the actual habit of smoking is something I need to do which is why I haven't opted for inhalor/fake cigarettes etc. I'm only on the very low strength gum around 5 a day which is eqivalent to 2.5 cigarettes so a lot of the pain is withdrawal I guess MEH needed to whinge! back to work now! :cool:

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  • Hi,

    When you feel a crave coming on, either come on here, or find something to occupy your mind. I used to spend half my life doing online jigsaws,and the other half on here LOL :D:D Needless to say, for months l didn't get much work done. :o Seriously tho', if you come on here to either read posts or post yourself, whilst you are doing so, your mind will be occupied, and you will not be thinking about smoking. Good Luck. See you soon - not literally of course. :)

    Josie XXX

  • As Karri says whinge away as much as you like, that's what we're all here for!

    I use the gum too, and doubt I'd have done it without. Like you I'm taking the attitude of breaking the habit as well as the addiction.

    Best of luck and can going!

  • Thanks I'm trying not to give up giving up. The only thing that really keeps me from not is the thought that if I smoke once more I will be a smoker for the rest of my life

  • Hi,

    When l was at your stage of my quit, l used to count every hour that went by without smoking. :( It IS hard, BL--DY HARD :eek:, but you have gone 4DAYS, yes 4 whole days without having to cave in to Evil Nic, and that is fantastic. :D

    Now, it is the habit you are missing most, not the nicotine.

    Josie XXX

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