No Smoking Day
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a day at the science museum

this weekend we went to the science museum a big triumph

there have been outings i have missed because i wouldnt be able to smoke (what a sad cookie i used to be) it just proves what control it had over my life

i drove all the way to london right through london spent the day at the museum and without a care in the world

i use days like this as an oppurtunity to imprint on my brain this is non smoking me having this fun care free day and to enforce new associations of fun, freedom and being happy without smoking (not that i was happy smoking but my nicodemon tries to trick me into thinking i was)

i took my inhalator but only had three puffs on it the whole complete day

i love new me i dont get road rage anymore, i can do wat i want wen i want, i dont have a temper anymore, i am not a slave anymore, i dont have to stand in the rain anymore, i dont have to think how am i gonna get to have a fag instead i can just enjoy my day, i have so much more time, i dont smell like my smelly smoking friends (sorry friends but you do honk) and for all these advantages what would i gain if i smoked again

**** ALL

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yes boo its so nice to have our freedom glad to hear you enjoyed your day without smoking:D keep up the fab work!!


nice post boo :) freedom from smoking with a capital F, well done you!!!


Well done Boo. These little achievements along the way are fantastic!:D


i know karri

i have hurried things in the past so many times so i could have a cig

things like this are good cause it puts it all in perspective again to prove we are doing the right thing and that it is worth all the hard work


To help me next time I have written a list of some of the times where I put smoking first. The one that really made me feel ashamed was :

Hurrying my grandsons bedtime story so I could go outside to smoke. How awful am I to put a smoke before my beautiful little boy :(

I have written a couple of lists and the more I read them the more I hate cigarettes. I can't stop now though because if I don't stick with my planned date I think it will all go bazookas up. Thats the OCD part of me .................. hmmmm next challenge :D

No absolutely do not stop now hun, OCD or no OCD (tee hee :D). Keep refining your lists, what a great idea by the way. The 9th it is and not a day before for you.

BTW I don't think any of us should blame ourselves for the times when we've all put fags before something else. That's not us, it's the horrible drugs and poisons in the things. If it wasn't we'd all be able to simply put them down and never touch them again.

On the plus side of course if they weren't so addictive we wouldn't have met such lovely people on this forum... so whilst fags are awful awful, awful, every cloud!

Errrrr does any of that make sense?!


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