No Smoking Day
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Day 19

The days seem to be flying by!

Going well, I don't find I am thinking about smoking anywhere near as much as I was but despite the patches still seem to get the odd strong craving. I also find I get a bit irritable when the patch needs changing.

On the whole though it is going well and I really didn't expect to still be here now. Food is still a big problem, another 3lbs on :eek: but soon it will be time to start gardening again and hopefully a bit warmer. The dog has been getting lots of long hilly walks (I got lost yesterday and we ended up walking up and down hills for forever!).

I have also got the old ab wheel thing back out and have almost turned on wii fit :p

I can honestly say it is getting better, my skin went very spotty at first and I had ulcers but all that has cleared up now. Even my sleeping seems to be improving slightly or maybe I am just finding the dreams not so alarming.

For those reading who are struggling, keep going!

So far: 18 days 22hrs, 473 cigs not smoked :eek: and approx £30 saved (roll ups)

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Thank you Karri, I think during the first week every minute of every hour is consumed by thoughts of smoking or talking about it. Even my husband said I hadn't mentioned anything smoking related today.:)


and have almost turned on wii fit

that's the spirit :)

Even my husband said I hadn't mentioned anything smoking related today.

that's the beauty of this forum to me, we don't need to tell (bore in my case!) our friends/family with how the latest day of non-smoking went etc...

anyway, well done chrissie, good to see the quit going so well :)


The wii has been turned on, just done 20 mins running, 30 mins step and 15mins of a davina fitness dvd and I'm shattered! Probably sleep for the rest of the day now. Will do some more this evening I think although my legs are aching already. Quick break and the a few reps on the ab wheel I think.

I am limiting my food intake as of today and so far have only had a bowl of cereal and 2 biscuits. It is the afternoons I find difficult though.

I will get through each cake/chocolate craving one at a time! :D


Well done you Chrissie!

I'm trying to do some running and walking but haven't got quite as far as you with my Wii yet.

I took the 'get the Wii back out' decision the other night (having read your earlier post!) and thought "I'll just connect it up tonight and start using it tomorrow'.. RATS it was already connected! So.. came on the forum instead!

Must get on it tonight, you're shaming me!!

Brilliant stuff though, we're all going to be lean mean fighting smokeless machines soon!


Thanks Dale,

think I overdid the jogging!!!! Struggled to get out of bed this morning, my legs are killing me :)


Keep going Chrissie - i LOVE Davina dvds, her stupid jokes and silly faces always make me laugh.

As someone about to quit - it's really good to hear that you dont think about smoking as much anymore too, as in past (short-lived) quits i've thought "this is going to get tedious if not actually smoking means i have to think about smoking all the time"

Keep going re no cigs/no cake and you'll have a healthy bikini body in no time :)


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