Day 1 - not too bad

Today is the first day I've been cigarette free since 8/23/2010. I had quit previously for one whole year but relapsed on 8/23.

Today isn't too bad, not like last time I quit. I think its because I'm better prepared and know what to expect along the way. I did have one moment this morning when subconsciously I some how found a pack of cigarettes with one smoke left and was about to light it at which point I realized what I was doing. I was shocked once I realized I was going for a cigarette and immediately threw it away.

Besides that its been alright, a few really strong urges here and there but I've handled them well.

Thats all for now, more to come tomorrow.

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  • Top banana! I'm glad its going well for you - keep it up :)

  • well done steve

    good to see you back . day 2 soon wont be long+ glad your more prepared on this quit. i feel that too this time. practice makes perfect !!.

    all the best will look for you in day 2 and wont that be a great feeling ...


  • OMG! Dead Scary - well done you!

    Hi Steve

    OMG! I've only been stopped 9 weeks this Sunday and quite scary realising that the length of time one stops for really seems to have little to do with stopping for good.

    I suppose I'll have to accept the fact that whether it's 10 hours, 10 months or 10 years, as other wonderful supporters of this Forum have also pointed out - I'LL ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ON MY GUARD!

    Caps off to you for stopping again after previously stopping for a year and good luck!

  • Good luck in your quit :)

  • Keep going, you know what to expect and know you can do it :)

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