No Smoking Day
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Day 3

Day 3, second and final attempt at stopping smoking ever

I tried just after xmas cold turkey but only managed 3 days then went to the pub and it all fell apart a bit, never went back to smoking the way I did previously, went onto nicotine gum and a few cigarettes a day with the exception of weekends where I was pretty much smoking normally

Now second time around with gum its a lot easier, I think because psychologically I know its possible cold turkey and this time at least I have an aid, its going great so far but this forum helps a lot when cravings kick in. This time I have my determination back, the same determination I had initially with the added bonus of the knowledge that just one cigarette really does put you right back to where you started. Overall its going well, woke up in a fantastic mood this morning and not smoking wasn't the first thing I thought about, I notice the periods where you forget about cigarettes become longer and thats such an amazing feeling. Can't wait to leave work and get to the gym, thats a guaranteed hour where I won't think about smoking at all :)

For me and all the other day 3ers, keep it up, great job :)

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Thanks :) you can do it, this is my favourite thread for when I get a craving


Day 3 night not as positive as the day time, really felt like giving in, cried instead, feel a bit better now :)


Hi ya

You have done fantastic ,cry all you want it will do you good, just think when you feel rough ,its everything bad leaving your body ,soon be day 4 and day 4 is a good day. stay strong you have come so far... well done xxxx



The first week I found very emotional but it gets better, keep going :)


Well done :)

In previuos attempts day 3 is always the day i cave in on :(


I'm on day 3 and I felt ace this morning but as soon as it came to the night time that's when I felt like giving up, but u say u wanna go to the gym so why don't u go for a run when u feel the craving? It will take ur mind off it for a little while.

Someone on this forum (think her name is Kerri or kezza) gave me a brill Idea, cut a drinking straw to the size of a ciggy and use it as a ciggy.

U are doing really well and keep it up :-)

Good luck :-)


Well I made it to Day 4! Day 3 night was definately toughest so far.... hopefully there isn't worse to come! btw, heres a tip, stock up on bananas, they have naturally calming qualities in them, about 5 mins after eating one you will feel yourself calming down, also handy for those of you with the munchies as a healthier substitute for sweets


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