No Smoking Day
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1 Yr today!!!

I really never thought it was possible, I'd tried several times before and failed each time. I thought I was doomed to be a smoker for the rest of my life!

12 months later and here I am smoke free and have been for a whole year. The benefits are too many to mention, but here's a few

No horrible coughing!

No stinking of smoke!

Not worrying about when I can have my next cigarette!

Not giving as much of my hard earned to the Gov't!

It's not easy, but we all know that, none of us would have ever turned to this site if it was a walk in the park. It can be done though and I'm proof of that, just remember the reason why we all want to do this so much.

I feel the best I've ever felt and I'm really looking forward to another year of being a non-smoker... that sounds so good!!!

Take care all and keep up the good work.

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Congrats Thomapa:D

It's these success stories that keep me going. it can be done, it can be done, it can be done, IT CAN BE DONE.

Thanks so much for sharing your success with us.



Brilliant! Welcome to the Penthouse!


Really well done Thomapa. As breezy says, it helps to keep us going.

Good luck with the next year!


Excellent news, Thomapa, and welcome to a growing and growing bunch of folk in freedom.

Best wishes for year 2 :cool:



Wowzer! That's amazing! Truly inspirational :) I hope to be joining you in the Penthouse someday.




Get down, get down!!!!!

Well done! Hope I make it that far.


Well done and enjoy the penthouse!


WELL DONE :cool:

I agree with you, the benefits to quitting are just endless..... that sense of freedom is pure magic and to have that evil obsession removed aswell is just unbelievable! so worth it i agree and well done and STAY QUIT!! it's over it's past it's history.


Hi Karri

For all the previous failed attempts I used willpower and every single NRT device you could imagine!!!

For the last and final quit I used willpower and Allen Carr's book. Some people love it, some hate it. I'd tried everything else so I thought why not, a bargain too at only a fiver... not even the cost of a packet of smokes. There's no magic involved it just explained the different emotions I would go through during the early part of the quit, the very same emotions that got me reaching for the smokes on my previous failed quits. It helped me understand what was happening rather than just thinking god I can't stand the way I feel and going back on the fags.

Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Good luck and stay strong.


Congratulations on one year smoke free Thomapa. It's great for us who are just starting the journey to hear success stories like yours.


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