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Diary of a quitter - Day 2

The important bit first. I haven't caved in. It's now been about 39 hours since my final smoke. I'm feeling pleased with myself that I got through day one

The cravings got pretty bad last night, especially just after my evening meal. Glad I destroyed my stash or I would have smoked for sure. Spent some time indulging in my new hobby of pacing up and down, and sorry to report I vented a lot of my irritability on the cat, whom I'm sure thinks his name is now 'b*ggeroffoutofityasod!'

Had a glass of wine last night, which quickly turned into several. Not sure if that was wise or not but they sure went down well.

Have decided I'm not keen on Champix though, not at all in fact. Yesterday was day 8, which meant it was the first day I had to take a full strength dosage, 1mg in the morning and 1mg in evening. I really paid the piper with regard to side-effects. Nausea, insomnia, dizziness, mood swings and some really vivid dreams when I finally did manage to sleep. Am going to see how the weekend goes before deciding whether to reduce my dosage or cut it out altogether and go cold turkey.

Funnily enough the cravings today have not been as bad as they were yesterday, famous last words no doubt. I'm still chewing through drinking straws at a rate of knots though, got to say, they have really helped, as has my wife, who has been really supportive and understanding - Have decided to surprise her with a weekend in Paris in the summer (shhh - it's a secret!)

Onwards and upwards.

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Just received a letter from the hospice my Mother was in. Made me pretty upset. Am torn between desire to smoke and reinforced reason not to.



Well done for getting this far. I'm so sorry about your mum, but... Don't let the letter make you cave. You have to remind yourself that upsetting things and stressful things will continue to happen as life moves on. There'll always be an excuse to smoke again, you have to get past it.

This is not meant to sound unsympathetic, but encouraging. I know it seems pious and preachy but honestly: Once you get past the first days and weeks it will become more and more obvious to you that smoking doesn't help with stress and unhappiness. It makes them worse.

Lovely romantic idea re the trip! And you won't be ruining the mood popping out for a fag every ten minutes either :)

Hang in there.



I'm good. Calmed down now. Not going to smoke today.


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