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No Smoking Day
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Hi I just found this forum today and I really hope its going to help me quit for good.

I am now into my second week of not smoking, but to be honest I am only really in my first week as i had a bit of a stressful time on Friday and smoked about 5 cigs.

I am taking Champix and am on my 4th week of taking them and I am hoping that there are others who are taking them now or have taken them in the past who can offer me any advice or even just say how things are going for them.

I have tried everything to stop before, patches, inhalator, acupuncture, e-cig, zyban and cold turkey. This is it for me if I dont stop now I never will. I have smoked for 30 years and smoked between 20 and 40 a day, I could have bought a house with the money I have spent over the years!

I am single living with a disabled aunt who needs my 24 hour care and things are not easy. I really really need some support to do this.:):)

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Hello single and welcome:D:D

I too am on Champix and there is already a bit of a thread going in general forum. I too, am a (crap I suppose I should use was a) long time smoker, 35+ years @ 30 a day.

Call Friday a blip and don't go back there again!!! Crackers, if I can make it thus far, you will too!

I wish you all the best with your quit and hope to correspond with you soon.




You can and are doing it, great stuff and really well done. Like lots of the others who've posted I too was ( am ) a 35-40 a day person for 28 odd years.

I'm only on day 18 and am NRTing it but there are loads of people who are or have been on Champix on the forum.

The best thing I've found that helps - other than cake, which is bizarre as I so don't like cake normally - is this site. Loads of useful and helpful info and ton a of people who have been or are exactly where you are.

You situation doesn't sound easy, but all you have to do ask type HELP and people will come running.

Best if luck and keep posting.


Hi Single

Firstly put Friday behind you - it's done and you can't change it - just learn from it so you don't make the same mistake :D

The one thing I struggled with was learning new ways to deal with sress - as a smoker I'd take time out and have a fag - now I just take time out and deep breathe and it seems to work for me :)

I found Champix a godsend and it helped me break a 28 year habit. You will need to dig deep for some willpower but personally I think that's good for you - stops you getting lazy :p

Just remember that Champix doesn't stop you smoking as only you can do that - it just helps you along and hopefully makes it less painfull!!

You're doing great - two weeks is something to be proud of so give yourself a big pat on the back :)


Thanks guys I feel so much better now knowing I am not on my own. Really struggling tonight and just want to run to the shops and buy 10 but reading this forum has kept me on the sofa:)


Brilliant :) I find it quite a nice escape coming on here and not just from ciggies :)

Me too! Gives the hands and brain something to do and I don't feel bad about not cleaning the house!


Hiya, I'm sure you have already seen this being said but - read. Read as much as you can...follow the links in peoples signatures, do google searches and put 'smoking kills' or similar phrases into youtube and see what pops up (brace yourself).

Educate yourself as much as you can, it helps strengthen the quit and also helps pass time too.

Good luck with this - sounds like you've got your hands full but in reality smoking never helped with that.



Welcome, welcome.

If anything has helped me to stay on the straight and narrow over the last few weeks it has been this forum. Stick around, keep posting. Feeling like you're part of a band of fellow quitters really helps. You get support, give support... and speaking for myself, sometimes when I've been close to caving the thought of having to come on here and tell people has stopped me!

I can't offer you any advice re champix as I went CT. But... as looper says, the key to a successful quit (as EVERY successful quitter still on this forum will tell you) is to read read read. Whether it's to comfort yourself that symptoms will pass, or to feel solidarity with other quitters, or to get a grasp of the hell that tobacco companies have caused, or just to look at the ghoulish stuff and scare yourself straight. Whatever your mood, reading will help. And it will keep you occupied!

It must be tough being a carer. But you have to keep focused on the fact that smoking isn't helping one single thing about your life. You might find that a few weeks in to your quit you start to have a lot more confidence, a lot more patience than you imagined. (I know I thought quitting would make me terribly short tempered, but I've since had the amazing revelation that it was the smoking that was making me irritable. Honestly, I'd never have believed that. But it was. Always looking for the next opportunity for a cig, I had no patience for anything or anyone.)

Good luck with your quit. Stay strong. If you can get through the tough part, things will improve like you wouldn't believe.

Helen xxx


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