4 Weeks today

I'm happy to be posting in this forum. Not sure if one month = 28 days or 30 days... but don't much care. Just proud to be at this point and say I haven't smoked for 4 weeks.

I stopped taking Champix completely a couple days ago so this is all me.

Some days are better than others but with each passing day I'm growing more confident that this is the quit that sticks.

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  • so happy for ya :) keep it up!!

  • That's brilliant - congratulations, keep it up!

  • Brilliant stuff! 4 weeks is def a month in my book!

  • Well done and keep up the good work :)

  • CONGRATULATIONS Jupiter !!!:):D:). Just think you are well on your way to triple digits!!

  • 4 Weeks

    I am sooo pleased with myself and I must admit i do not want to smoke ever again. I cannot stand the smell of smoke and it makes me heave. I had to stop using the patches as they were irritating my skin.:p

  • CONGRATS Gibliano on your 4 weeks; WELL DONE!


  • Congratulations on your four weeks.

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