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So, I've decided to give it a go...

A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This has been a real eye-opener. Now that I have drastically improved my diet and lost some weight, it's time to give up the fags.

My main worry is my health later in life. With having diabeties, there may already be complications later on - so I really do not want to make these any more likely by continuing to smoke.

I am 31 just now and started when I was 16. I'm a 20 per dayer. Stopping using the NHS scheme via the chemist, which seems will suit my lifestyle. Pop in once per week and collect more patches - they are a 2 minute walk from my flat, open until 8pm seven days per week and I get my other prescriptions there anyway.

I tried going via the doctor, she referred me to a clinic which would have meant time off work which I cannot afford to do (I have enough time off at the moment with hospital appointments). I also tried calling NHS smokeline and they refused to help me unless I agreed to go to these stupid classes - I explained that I have no interest in them and that I did not feel it would help me. They wouldn't listen. Surely they should be helping me to quit the way that I want to? It's me that's doing it after all!

Anyway, the chemist has given me 1 week supply of niquitin clear 24 hour patches and a nicorette inhalator with 42 10mg cartridges. My quit date is Monday.

Here goes...

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Very best of luck Fencer.

Diabetes is not fun, but if you're sensible you will be fine. My mother is 83 and has been a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic for 57 years. She has led a completely normal life and continues to do her thing. Frankly she's awesome and has none of the hideous long term things they tell you about.

As for the smoking and the NHS, know how you feel. I went to the chemist, who sent me to the doctors surgery, who sent me back to the chemist, who sent me to the doctor. At which point I gave up smoked several fags and rang some nice lady on the quit line. I shouted a lot, smoked a lot and then realised she wanted me to go to the chemist (aaaargh) Smoked more fags and finally decided to do it on my own!

Have found this forum really useful, so best ofmluck and keep reading.


Read about quitting on the links on this forum as much as possible Fencer which will help you find the correct mindset in preparation for your quit.

Best of luck to you......and don't forget we're here if you need us.


Thanks all.

Spent £12 on cigs this morning on way to work and I'm just thinking about how much I look forward to not having to stop on the way to work and to have this cash to spend on other things :)

I think I may try to do something nice with the cash. So one week without smoking - £42; couple of blurays. Then another two weeks - £84; new hillwalking boots. The another four weeks after that - £168; spending spree :D


Hi Fencer!

Welcome :) CamperPete's advice is really best, read and understand not only what happens to your body but your mind when you quit and you'll start to see that there's nothing to 'give up' but just a lot to gain :)

Sure, it's probably initally one of the biggest leaps of faith you will ever do in your life because of the killer cravings and that but once you learn to ride them out you'll see that there's much more than just health benefits to quitting (although those are very important to your situation of course).

I can't stress how important it is to be in the right mindset - however, you seem to be there... you've already changed your life so much for the better that all you have to do now is kick this nasty habit/addiction out of your life! You seem determined (no one contacts so many doctors, farmacies and clinics if they don't actually want to quit!) and I wish you the best of luck.

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday!


Last weekend of smoking. Cleaning bedroom in preperation. Will stop smoking in here ahead of Monday.


Hi Fencer,

Congratulations on your wise decision to stop smoking.

Good tactic cleaning out the bedroom. Tomorrow night, before bed, throw away any smoking parphenalia.

Totally fresh start Monday morning. I'm not going to wish you luck, you don't need it. You just need to stop - because it's waht you want to do :)


Yep. Tomorrow (or today, if you're reading this tomorrow!) is the first day of the rest of your life.

Bet your bedroom smells so much nicer now! And starting now, so will all your clothes and furniture and curtains (might want to invest in some febreze for the latter).

This is the best thing you can possibly do. You can get through the tough part, you've sorted so much already. Put the money in a jar, watch it mount up, then treat yourself to something fantastic with all the dosh.

Good luck!



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