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Day 48.... really BAD!

For some reason im having MAJOR cravings today, i could happily buy some tobacco, roll one and smoke to my hearts content! Well, in theory anyway..... in practice by now it would probably taste like shite!

Dont know why todays been any different from any other, but im 'sticking to quiting' and seeing this one through. Its always the case, week 6 - 8 i always find difficult, and there is no reason behind it, barr the fact that i remember that week 6 - 8 is always a difficult one!

The stress of finding new work, giving up my business and knowing that i have to move from my current home in March doesnt help i suppose, so maybe its the Nicodemon finding reasons why i should simply say SOD IT..... but seeing that im on patches (and next week due to drop to step 2 patches) i see no clue as to why im feeling like this :mad:

Think ill make some toast!

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That all does sound stressfull but how will you feel if you have to deal with that and then the guilt of smoking, at least it is your light and you can be proud of that!

Maybe you find those weeks the worst becasue you have previously failed and have that in your head. Try your best and treat it like all those other weeks and look at how great you have done.

The smell of smoke makes me SICK, you really do not want to smell like that again.

Toast is good but I find sweet things ease it a lot more.

Keep the chin up, you are doing so so well, dont give up.

Jill xxx


I know how you feel Toto, i'm on day 48 with you but the last 4 days have been hell with cravings and moods (a bit better today though).

Like you i'm trying to soldier on through it but have to admit it's not easy.

Hope everything works out for you.


Sorry to hear you’re having a bad day today. I’ve been finding it hard today as well with cravings as I’m cold turkey now. I’m just sat as my desk taking deep breaths and drinking lots of water, taking each one at a time.

You’ve done so well to get this far I really hope you can keep it up. If you stop now you’ll have to go through all you’ve been through so far again so please stay strong. What’s really helping me is the competitive thought of my 10K in June. I’m determined to do well (and beat a mate of mine that’s also running), which I won’t if I start smoking again. Think of all the healthy benefits you’ve got going right now and stay strong :)


Toto, you sure do have a pile on your plate! and I am sure that it will all be difficult to deal with. BUT DAY 48, you are at day 48!!!!! Without a ciggy. You have made it dragging your pile around thus far, you CAN do it, you will CONQUER this feeling.

Write some more/rant some more, wallow a bit, eat chocolate, yell at a telemarketer, go to the mirror and make the ugliest, nastiest face you can ...get it out of your system.

Will be thinking of you today


hey there..stress really can do a number on us and we always think to smoke when the stress hits...thats when the nicodemon sees his chance to strike..when we feel the weakest:eek: you cant let him win you have worked to hard!! im at day 48 with you so keep me company---please!! stay strong. you will be soooo happy you pulled through when things ease up!!:)


Hey Toto

Can so relate to where you are with your business/home etc. I know you know this but a smoke isn't going to fix anything, other than your demons for about 2 minutes.

Best of luck with getting through it. You can definitely do it, you managed 48, that's FORTY EIGHT days. To someone who is only on day 13 that is just awesome. Especially given your circs at the moment.

Stick with it.


If it's any consolation, you're not alone, I've been having a really hard day today. I'm day 58. Don't really know why, just been thinking about smoking loads the last day or so, had a few very tough craves.

We can do this though, we just have to keep on keeping on. I know now that this won't last, and the 'episodes' get fewer and further between the longer I go on. We can weather the storm.

A friend came round last night who smokes quite heavily. Was standing in the kitchen with him and honestly felt quite sick, he absolutely reeked of stale cigarettes. U kept making excuses to leave the room and see to the kids and stuff, because it was so unpleasant! A timely reminder.

And when I'm wobbly I take some really huge breaths and blow out really hard - partly because it helps to relax me, and partly because I just couldn't do that without coughing before I quit, and it cheers me up.

Might be a good time to take stock of how far you've come, and all the good things about it!

Good luck with all the horrible stress, hope it gets sorted out soon. And congratulations for staying strong.


stick with it toto, it will pass, and you will reach the end of the cravings. and believe me, when you do get to a time when non-smoking feels good, having gone through these cravings will make you all the more proud of your achievement, all the more proud of yourself, and all the more proud of your wonderful quit buddies :)


well put karri!!:D


Today is a little easier, and im glad i didnt give in. I keep thinking of the money too, so smoking really isnt an option.

Thanks for all the supporting messages...;)


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