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dont know why

i have stopped thinking about cigarettes 24/7 now i have got to the point of 'omg i havent thought about cigarettes' which is very annoying remembering u forgot to think about them lol anyway

i dont know why the last couple of days i have been doing something like preparing dinner or collecting the washing from upstairs and then i think oh have a fag after this then instantly think oh no i dont smoke, all of this happens very very quickly in my mind it isnt like a big want or crave now more of an annoying thought, just feel abit confused it crosses my mind to smoke and its like i have forgot i have quit for a split second.

it seems to happen wen i am just getting on with normal stuff as if its trying to catch me off guard and as if old nicodemon is a bit put out i dont think about him all the time selfish git leave me alone

do i have a nicodemon if i am on a course of patches still

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boo i go through this all the time..its so funny as im reading this post im thinking "did i write this post?' lol!! we all go through this no matter what but i think that it does get easier and easier as time goes by but nicodemon will always be wondering if he can get us back on his is up to us to tell him to f off and we are much better without him!! stay strong boo:D


its just real bizarre its like i am over the worst just these niggling annoying thoughts to get rid of now


i know what ya mean boo.....its engrained in our brains. it was apart of our lives for so long so it takes time....but we r doing so well and we have come so far.


That's the thing... the quit becomes so easy that when thoughts of smoking enter our mind, it rattles us.... used to freak me out! I would think I was over it, just to encounter another trigger/crave episode.... the good thing, they happen less and less and their intensity lessen as well. Most of the time it's associations that triggers us wanting to smoke, if we don't give in, then the brain adapts and learns a new behavior, over time it becomes the norm. That's the process of quitting... understanding your addiction and giving yourself time to heal. Each month you will feel stronger and more confident that you can beat this. Keep celebrating those milestones, they are victories!!

and, yes, boo, I do believe you are at a greater risk of 'craves' because of the patches since nicotine is still in your system triggering them but you just be aware of how little nicotine it is in comparison.... many have gotten off patches in a matter of days without a problem, so I figure use them as long as you need, don't worry about it, you'll know when it's time to toss em out! Good luck xx bella


you know that is the exact right word for it 'it RATTLES me'

and i have in the last week found this quit easy have had many good days in a row so maybe thats why i find these thoughts so annoying me more so than it would have before

as for the patches, me and my husband decided back in november we wanted a healthy new year more exercise and quit smoking so i had a couple of months to prepare mentally for it i read loads on the internet prior to it and i set in my mind i could do it with patches so thats why i feel i want to complete the course as it was set out in my mind that way before i started.

i feel i am an emotionally weak person and depended on cigarettes for everything in my life as most of us do i felt i was a very dependant smoker and i have infact inspired a few people to consider quitting smoking as they think 'wow if she can do it i definately can' alot of people saw me as a confirmed smoker i think

i honestly didnt see myself getting this far and now i cant see myself going back as i enjoy the benefits to much now

i love the freedom i have before cigarettes came first everything else came after them and that is disgusting thought that i was like that but at the time it was right

everyone here has helped me through good and bad i believe without this forum i would have gave in very early on in my quit to know other people are thinking the same as u helps so much and puts it all in perspective

i remember one day i was having an awful day and posted just am going for a walk dont know if i can do this wen i came home a couple hours later i had all these brilliant replies and i got through that day because of the support


day 46

yay day 46 who would have thought it

a few months ago if someone said u will go 46 days without a cigarette i would never have believed them but here we are god i am amazing as are all my fellow forum quitters


Well done Boo x

Make sure you treat yourself :)

It is quite an achievement and since you looked at day 46 from day 1 I bet you never thought this would happen. I don't think very many of us did. That is particularly special.

Look back, survey the journey, congratulate yourself.


it is a journey i read my first posts the other day omg i was in a right state sometimes and now i feel 'normal' most of the time everyone said it would get better but wen u are in the middle of a bad bad day u cant see it but looking back from the start to now its the best thing i have ever done


Congrats on your day 46, Boo :)

When you look back at how you were and how you are now you must feel a real sense of pride in yourself. You have shown yourself what real inner strength and resources you have. It's one of the by-products of stopping smoking. Many of us have gone on to make amazing changes in our lives just because we have recognized that inner resource and ability.


God, I so identified with this post, Boo...myself & my OH were saying the exact same thing. It just makes the quit seem so much harder somehow...but I'm bloody well not going thru this ever again!!! Lol! :D


i know what u mean i so definately cannot go through this again ever i feel i am over the worst now but i cannot face those early days and weeks again so i am determined to do this and see it through whatever it throws at me lol,

me and my OH have taken up walking to battle the inevitable weight gain so far have lost 11lbs and we have found places in our hometown which we never knew exsisted because we are out and about so much

so thats my two new years resolution kept so far quit smoking and get fitter, and its half way through february so going well i reakon


Well done!!! We walk bloody miles anyway because of our dogs & I've just started a very strict diet to combat the extra wobble that was appearing, even with walking three times a day...hoping to go swimming soon, too so that should help! ;)


It's one of the by-products of stopping smoking. Many of us have gone on to make amazing changes in our lives just because we have recognized that inner resource and ability.

This needs to be in a frame over the fire.

I'm a very different (in a nice way) person as a non-smoker than I ever was as a smoker. Even though I would have vehemently claimed at the time that I enjoyed smoking there was a constant undercurrent of angst, stress and despair associated with it that used to colour my entire life.

Freedom from tobacco has become far, far more than simply freedom from tobacco!

There are scary similarities to "A Christmas Carol" :)


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