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Still going strong

:pHi Everyone, Proud to say I am still a nonsmoker since Oct 30th! Hope everyone in the October quit group is still going strong! As anyone who has read my posts know I have had insomnia pretty much since I stopped smoking and it has'nt got much better-sleep 3-5 hours at the most and still have nights when I toss and turn all night. Got antidepressants from the doctor as I got so depressed with not sleeping and feeling a bit better. I think as a heavy smoker my body was so drained I slept well and now as a healthier nonsmoker my sleeping pattern will take a while to settle. Staying positive and getting loads of exercise and good food and determined to never smoke again- surprised to still have a lot of cravings but will not give in to them. Crystal x:cool:

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Hi Crystal

Thats great news about your quit, we are all doing so well. Sorry to hear about your sleep pattern still though, hopefully it will sort itself out soon for you though. Dont forget to sign the Oct roll call.

Take care and stay smoke free



Hi crystal .Well done and be so proud of your self . I went away last wk to a spa and had a massage ,i cannot tell you how much stress was released it was wonderful felt like a new woman . The place i went too iv normally smoked . so that was an added thing i did not smoke too . Hold your head up high :D xx


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