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Hi all, Day 17

Howdy all! I'm new to this forum but anything but new to quitting smoking.... been trying to quit for 22 years.

Currently using Champix for the physical and "the easy way to stop smoking" by Allan Carr for the mental. Seems to be working very well... good combination. Jacked myself up to the full dose of Champix for the first 2 weeks off cigs and am now weaning myself off (down to .5mg once per day). I should be completly off the Champix in a few days.

The book is keeping my thinking in the right place and seeing smoking for what it really is.

Had a few uncomfortable days but for the most part this quit as been easy so far. My only complaint is having quitting on my mind 24/7. I hope it gets better... I've been getting small stretches (20 min or so) when It isn't top on my mind so there is hope....

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hi.

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Hi glad you are doing so well.

I hate thinking about smoking all the time too, Im sure it will get better

Tracey :)


Welcome on board, you've come to the right place for all your support needs:D

Keep us up todate with your progress and just post on here when the craving are biting at you, it'll take the edge off, it helps me tremendously.

Good Luck.


Thanks for the welcome folks.


welcome welcome:) this is a great place to come to. its helped me sooooo much!!:D


My addiction woke me up this morning. Hadn't even opened my eyes yet and a crave was kickin' my butt. 2 hours later, it's better but not gone.

I find it disheartening. In the umpteen times I have tried to quit (over the past 20 years) I have learned that the addiction out lasts my resolve. The longest I've gone as a non-smoker is 6 weeks... I've never seen the other side of this... that magical place of being comfortable with out a cigarette that many exsmokers claim is somewhere down the road.

Anyway... Just needed to vent a little. A little sniveling and whining cause I am pissed off and frustrated. Not going to relapse... day 19. Some days are better than others.


Looks like I was trying to get off the Champix too quickly. Was on a full dose for the first 2 weeks (1mg twice per day), then cut it in half (.5mg twice per day) and was fine. 2 days ago, Thursday, I cut it down to a 1/4 dose and Saturday morning I'm in full blown withdrawl...

I bumped back up to 1/2 dosage and I'm right as rain.

I learned a few things today... I'll pass it along for other champix users.

1) I'm still leaning pretty heavy on the drug.

2) Weaning off Champix should be the least of my worries this early in a quit.

3) I'll have to slow down and come off the Champix slower.

4) Most important.... Smoking never entered into my thinking for relieving withdrawl. My inner debate was "Should I bump up the dosage or not". I've been reading Allen Carr every day before and since I quit so it looks like mind set and education plays a pretty big part.


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