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Yep...week 4!

Hmmm, hit the 4 week mark today. Been a bit of a rollercoaster, healthwise....still feeling very tired & my mouth has been very sore this week but still have great satisfaction in having quit. Even managed to give the rest of my fags away yesterday without a pang! Not really had many cravings or the smoking dreams...but my dreams HAVE been vivid when I've managed to sleep. & my weight gain :eek: is gross & has bugger all to do with eating more...because I'm not. I'm an ex anorexic so believe me, I count every calorie & watch everything that goes down my neck & I'm walking up to 8 miles a day (my poor dogs are permanently knackered!) so god knows what's going on there but it needs to stop!

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Well DONE Sophie, that's a great achievement! :D

Don't know what to say about the weight gain except you have to expect some changes to your metabolism when you undertake to quit. You know you're eating properly and exercising (which is more than most of us can lay claim to) so any weight gain is clearly just what your body has to do.

Whereas in my case, I am eating ALL the pies - have relied on the fact that I have always been a skinnymalink, but am watching the needle on the scales creeping ever upwards with some alarm. Time to lay off the Mr Kipling I feel... :rolleyes:

Whatever, don't punish yourself, you are doing yourself such an enormous favour. And it gets easier and easier.

H x


Pmsl!!! Bad girl!!! Lol! Mr bloody Kipling has a lot to answer for! Git! I'll get there but being an ex annie makes it damn difficult for me because, psychologically, (& more stupidly) I'm more concerned about my weight than my health...god, I've got such an addictive personality...why can'y I ger addicted to healthy stuff? :confused:


I am eating ALL the pies

Oh no - now I know that - what I am going to sing at my next football game? :(.


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