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Messed up AGAIN

Hi all,I got to day three and then I blow it again, I just can,t get my mind sorted, I know I want to quit more than anything and I start out fine and then any little thing can start me off again, I know when I can get in the right mindset I can do it, I just make every excuse under the sun to start again. I am the only person in my family that smokes so no excuse there, I just use it as a crutch I get it in my mind that I can,t cope with any stress without a cig. I just don't know how to change my way of thinking.

The longest I have gone without smoking is nine months and I really thought I had cracked it, then along came a stressful episode and I started again.

I am going to stop again tomorrow, the most I smoke is 10 to 15 a day. so with your kind help and support I want bring that down to 0.

Be back on to report tomorrow. Joan xx

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Hey Joan,

Easy for me to say but....chill out tonight, don't get stressed about it tonight. Just leave the quitting 'til tomorrow and tonight do your thing.

You've done 9 months previously and believe me that's a great run. You already know most of what it took to get there. And here's the parrot know the drill, read, read, read and post.

Enjoy :)



I agree with Cav, chill tonight, get a good nights sleep. Will be willing you along tomorrow Joan.

Gaynor xxx


Hey Joan

Sorry your quit has not quite gone according to plan, but Cav and Gaynor are quite right, don't wind yourself up just chilax!!!! After all tomorrow is another day........;)


You will indeed Joan, you can't shake me off that easily :p

Gaynor x


good luck joan, we are all rooting for ya:D


Joan - I wish you a sincere - Good luck tomorrow. I don't have a lot to add since I am struggling through day 2 myself but you can do this


I blew it about 5 months ago. I wrecked a 60 day quit just like that so I know how you feel. It’s a little embarrassing having a title that says "Senior Member" and being on your second day.



Yep, if at first you don't succeed....

It took me 2 years to get back to a serious quit attempt.

I think if you need to take time out and read up before a quit after a relapse then that's perfectly you need to be in the best frame of mind.

Good luck, and you will definitely find the support you need on here.

Don't give up giving up!

Coralie x


Good luck Joan, You can do it this time. Stay positive and focused. Try if you can to work out what made you start again, learn from that and in your next quit try and work past that trigger. Most of all dont punish yourself you will do it. :)

Good luck Hun x


The longest I have gone without smoking is nine months and I really thought I had cracked it, then along came a stressful episode and I started again.

The trick is to find a good way to de-stress quickly when you are under stress, without needing to de-stress with a cigarette. I now de-stress regularly with some great methods and never have a craving or even slightest desire for a cigarette. This is from someone who got very seriously ill because I coudn´t stop smoking - way back then.


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