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Relapsed bad :(

I was on day 13 of not smoking and had too much stress i couldent stop myself getting a 10 pack and smoked them all, and bought another 10 pack today, feel disgusted and that all my effort in the 12 days has gone down the drain, this is my third attempt at quitting and i always relapse, does anyone know how to beat the urge, its liike wenever i get stressed i turn to cigs and without it thers somethin missing , im on champix bt some days i dont take it bcoz it makes me sick, any advice appreciated :(

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Hi, Sorry to hear you have lost your quit. Please don't beat yourself up about it, learn from it. Dust yourself down & get back on it as soon as you can. The longer you leave it the harder it gets (from experience). I have just lost mine after a month so in the same boat. I will be stopping again at the weekend if not before.

I cannot help on the Champix front as I have never taken it but I am sure someone else will be able to help on that.

Gaynor x


i know that it is really hard to get through a stressfull situation without a cig especially in the begining of your quit!!:eek: i myself had the WORST crave last nite!! very stressful. of course the first thing i thought about was having a smoke:eek: i was pacing around my kitchen taking very long deep breaths telling myself that i have worked to hard for 39 days to stay away from that poisen to put it back in my body and let cigs win along with the person who is upsetting me so much as to think of going back to smoking again! in the end i ended up having a beer and going to bed and when i woke up i was so glad that i hadnt smoked!! keep trying and dont get discouraged...this is isnt my first time quitting either..last time i tried i stopped for 2 months and went back and i didnt try again for 5 years:eek: so now here i am having another go at it hoping that this will be it forever..good luck to ya and keep trying hun


thanks for all ur support, gna quit again after this pack i bought, back to scratch :o


Well done for deciding to get back on it. Have a good think about what made you cave and put something in place to stop you reaching for the smokes next time it comes up.

If you want it, you can do this !! :D




Cant advise on the champix but I tried many many times before it stuck. A good lesson is to learn that the smokes wont make a stress situation better, only make you feel more rubbish. I used the woofmang tales to help me put in place tools to help me mentally when I had a crave. The HALT one is good. All these things, hungry angry tired lonely tired, mimic craves. You think you are craving when in fact mostly its not. Try and address all of these points before you take any smoking action and I promise that much of the time the urge will pass.

Good luck !


Mr Lion

Many people try lots of different methods before they find the one that works for them. If you are looking for a nicotine "hit" then the inhalor or gums ect might be the way forward.

Keep trying and eventually you will find the quit that works for you.


Day 7 today and I relapsed BIG TIME! :( - This is my upteenth attempt and it`s always around day 6-10 when I just break. I`ve only ever used patches (25mg invisi) maybe I should try something else? Any idea`s anyone? The thing with the patches is you can never get a `hit` from them, just a steady stream of not enough nicotine that makes me feel achy and tired with that semi sweet metallic taste in your mouth. Still, I`m going to try again tomorrow (after I`ve smoked the pack of 10 I bought today - which I don`t really want)...maybe an inhaler? Never tried that.


Not big time, SMALL TIME going good, on your next try. Well done for not just giving up altogether.

I am no football fan but I do know that when I have no choice but to watch it is always the team who repeatedly keep kicking the ball at the goal who (unquestionably) put the ball into the back of the net.


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