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I Choose Life!

My reasons for quitting are;

I want a baby, and have had 2 failed IVF attempts ( i think it's because I smoked, research suggests that it's really bad for female reproduction, yet I carried on smoking!)

I want to live longer and my partner won't worry as much (non -smoker)

I want to look, smell, taste things better.

I want to feel the full benefit of my wage, not the tobacco company/goverment.

I don't want to feel gulity anymore.

That's why I'm choosing life without the evil tobacco weed, I really hope to succeed on all points above

Thanks for reading

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Well done and welcome.

Stopping smoking is the greatest think you can do for you. Read as much as you can about smoking and stopping, read from the websites in our signatures and the stories on here. The more you understand the easier it will be for you to go through the journey to stay stopped. Share your story on here as often as you can and you will get lots of help and you will give help to others, giving and sharing is a sure way to benefit.

Best wishes.



welcome :) its a great feeling to choose life!! feel good and come here for support anytime!


Welcome to the Forum, Clair :)

Those are great reasons for quitting. Someone here has a comment in their sig that stopping smoking is like awarding yourself a wage rise. Too true ;)

As both Jackie and IAQ have suggested, make use of the forum and read cos knowledge about what you are going through is the key to a successful quit.



thanks guys!! I think your right knowledge is power!!! had a bad craving about ten mins ago but all good now, it wont be last I suspect, but i'm ready for em.... bring it on!!!!


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