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I hope to try it again

My last quit was 60 days and I was stupid and blew it. The sad part is I don't even remember why I caved but it must have been important at the time and the end result was the same. I fooled around with the idea of trying to save the last quit figuring that since I had already done 60 days I could smoke for a day or a week or two then 3 then a month and so on then just stop again..... (we all know how that goes) So here I am now months latter hoping to gather up the courage to do it again. I tried the chantix approach the last time and while I did good with the smoking part I struggled to find the motivation to do anything else so this time will be cold turkey. Brave right?

I wish everyone here much luck in beating this stupid addiction.

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Hi Sparky

Welcome back, you will do it this time - easy!

All you will need is a positive attitude (check), will power (check) and this forum (check)

Right then lets get on with it!!:D


Hey Sparky,

Good to see you back and going for it :)

Your last post or message did indicate you were going on a hunting trip to get you in the 'right frame of mind ..... ' some trip :cool:

I look forward to reading your updates and seeing a good strong quit in the making again.

Pol :)


Thanks for the support John I have 2 of the 3 so far and I'm hoping I can find the third over night.

Pol- I'm glad to see your still here it is going to make it a lot easier having old friends around. I think your right about the hunting trip. I have been hunting almost every weekend since September 15th. Now that the season is closed I need something else to do...... so I guess stop smoking it is.

I know I can do this since I have done it so many times in the past. Its sticking with it that always seems to be the problem. I still can't believe I threw 60 days away. The time before that was 1 year..... Nothing like re-living the misery I guess.


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