No Smoking Day
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Feeling groovy!

I am popping into say hello. Over a month nicotine free, what a relief. I have kept myself very busy sorting out my garden. The craves come and go but seem less intense. I just feel generally much better. Because I can exercise more, my hormonal issues have subsided which has helped peace descend on the house.

I have really focussed on eating healthily this time and keeping chocolate or treats to after meals. It is paying off because my weight has not increased. The extra money is great. I have not gone to the pub much so not only am I not buying cigs, I am not spending money on alcohol.

I did have a laugh yesterday. Was heading out the door with eldest son and i went to get my keys off the microwave and picked up DH's fag pack and lighter as well. As soon as I felt the in my hand I put them back. It was just a reflex - keys, cigs, door. At least this week I can cope with him leaving them around.

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Hey Ellie, good for you to be and feel so positive. And great you ralised you had picked up the cigs and don't smoke anymore - our flaming sub concious - hey?

It's about time you treated yourself with that extra money you saved and I've got some weeding you could do :D

Keep strong me lovelie and well done you, give yourself a big pat on the back from me

Tinks xx


lol ellie. i know the feeling!! its been over a month and sometimes i still check to see if i have my lighter before i go to work then i realize i dont need it anymore!! amazing how its so in the mind even after we know we quit!! ahh!! its good and its bad. bad cuz we are reminded of smoking and good cuz we are reminded that we stopped and that little smirk makes its way to our face:)


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