Day six - feeling rather sorry for myself

Okay, it is day 6. I feel utterly shattered and cannot concentrate. I amazingly don't have any cravings, and I know this is a great thing I am doing, but this feeling of utter and complete tiredness is getting me down. I had to come home from work yesterday, and I just zonked out on sofa. Today I am not working anyway, and I am trying to keep going but it is hard when all I feel like doing is sleeping. Will this ever pass????? Meant to be back at work tomorrow, but am really not sure I would be of much use. They don't know I smoked, so its hard to explain to them why I feel this way. But I really do feel out of sorts. I would feel guilty calling in sick, but think I might have to at this rate, even though usually I would just carry on.

Hey ho, I will battle on....just wanted to vent!



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  • Hi hun,

    Sounds like you need to take some multivits or at least VitC, this may help you with your tiredness.

    Maybe you're coming down with something and the timing is with quitting? Not really sure.

    Shaz x

  • I feel more tired than usual. I bought some vitamins this mornin so hopefully they will help. The good thing is that you r not craving a ciggy. Keep it up as you can do it. If you still feel unwell then u may be coming down with something. :confused:

  • well, haven't gone to work today and feel a bit of a sad case to be honest. But I have had so few days off sick (probably 3 in two years), I am trying to tell myself not to feel guilty. Because at the end of the day, I don't feel 100%.

    Am beginning to wonder if it is my sinuses playing up - the tiredness just seems to be in my eyes, they just want to close. I have experienced something similar in the past when I had a sinus problem (due to smoking). Have had an effervescent vitamin tablet, and a decongestant. Not feeling quite so bad now.

    At 5.30pm this evening, it will be one whole week.....

    Nobody told me I would feel ill as a result of giving up! :D

  • I am on day 4 and I have been SO tired, I fell asleep much earlier than normal last night. I wonder if it's the lack of nicotine as it's a stimulant...I don't know.

    It does sound like you could be coming down with something however nicotine does affect everyone differently and if you feel ill it can be because your body is trying to tell you it's missing something.

    A few days off isn't the end of the world and if you genuinely feel ill it's better you aren't won't last forever :)


  • came to encourage you


    Wow, I just found these old posts of mine, and they have made me chuckle!!

    But I wanted to come back to encourage those who have given up in the New Year to keep at it. I know it is hard to believe, but when I read those posts back, I can't believe it is me talking. I have not had a cigarette since the end of January 2011 and I feel fab. It was bloody tough, I have put on weight, but my God, I feel so healthy.

    So please, believe in yourself, you can do this, and you will. I promise. Never in a million years did I believe I would! Guess you could still say it is early days, but I feel confident.

    Good luck and stay strong.



  • god help me then im pregnant and on day one! haha xx

  • Good luck siany. You've got some extra motivation there :p.

  • dude ive been trying quit since I found out...that was 6 months ago giving it a proper go this time but its so hard! i feel like punching someone urgh....hows ur first week gone?? other than the tiredness? x

  • Ah. I've gotta move on to the next forum. I'm on day 9 now. But yes, the fatigue, the mouth ulcers, the cough, the dizziness, the indigestion/heart-burn, the nausea (blood sugar problems) - all of that stuff is worth it. Whenever I crave I just tell myself to man-up. That usually works. There's nothing I hate more than catching myself being a wuss :p.

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