No Smoking Day
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day four

day four and out of habit came down stairs made coffee and stuck a fag in my mouth but thank god i came to my senses before i lit it note to oneself make sure you are awake before you leave the bedroom in future just prooves these demons can creep up on you atany time

i find chewing gum is getting me thru the cravings every day is different and when it gets really bad i take to doing the ironing helps me

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Blimey, that was close!

I had to clear all smoking-related stuff out of the house before I quit. Even now I think there are times when if it was readily available, I wouldn't be strong enough.

Keep going - you can do this. Come and do my ironing if it helps :D


that would be the sort of thing i would do, thats why i threw everything out as if i knew they were in the house, i probably would have given in by now x

well done for not lighting it though x


fags in the bin astrays in the bin not a lighter to be seen that was to close for comfort this morning not going to happen again

all ironing done now whatelse can i clean


Well done for not lighting up. I cleared everything away b4 I quit. My partner has also quit too so we help each other.


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