No Smoking Day
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Day three for me

Ok, this may be a bit of a blab :)

Have been given the 24hr patch and the inhalator for my first week.

Day 1 and 2 I actually found pretty easy, as I was away with work and out of my normal routine.

Even managed a few drinks and just kept puffing on my inhalator all night :)

Now on day three I am back into my normal routine and finding it a bit more difficult. I find myself today, thinking about smoking constantly. But when I actually think "do I really want a cig right now" the answer is no. It would be silly. Also finding myself alot more talkative and energetic which is a good thing. And the crazy dreams from the patch are quite funny :)

The reason I am stopping is money. At over £6 for 20, and I was smoking 20 a day, it is becoming ridiculous. The way I see it, you go to the bank, take out £10 to buy your packet, and the change just dissappears. So really you could look at it as £10 per day!

So I have set up a savings account and from the 1st Feb which was my quit day, the bank puts £300 from my pay into my savings account.

My boyfriend and I have booked a holiday to Kenya for this year so all my cig money is going to pay for it :)

Hopefully if I can keep thinking of my fabby holiday, I can keep strong!

Love this website, and reading about everyone elses experiences x (told you it would be a blab)

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Hello, and welcome to the madhouse (and at times, that is quite literally what it is :D)

Kenya, wow. Now THAT is a more productive way to spend your cash!

Congratulations on making it to day 3, stay strong!

Helen x


Thanks Helen :D

Yep, with Safari and 5 star luxury! Will definately all be worth it :D x


Well done! Keep at it...that holiday sounds amazing and it will be worth it!

:) x


Well done

Well done.

Its a great feeling!! Your doing amazing.

This time next month we will look back and think god why did we even smoke in the first place :)


Yeah Lisa, Hopefully :D


nice one

It is a great feeling and I want to take my family to disneyland florida as my son is 8 now. Keep up the good work. We can do it. :D:D


Oh yeah that will be fab :) He is at a good age for it aswell :)

Keep it up :D


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