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Cough Cough Cough

Hi all well day 17 and i am feeling it today have not stopped coughing i can feel it all clearing out of my chest and not using my asthma pump much today but ergh i feel yuk...

Hoping the cough does not last long not to sure if its because of smoking or just beacause i have caught one of many bugs going around.

Well other than that i feel ok - my work partner lit up whilst on lunch today in front of me and to be honest i was not that bothered, she really stunk of smoke when she got back in the car and i felt good as i thougt to myself i dont smell like that anymore and i have saved £150 in 17 days.....

Something to smile about for a change...

Hipe you all having a stress free day and thinking about the demons too much xxxxx

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i found that even if i do get a bug now my cough will only be a fraction of what i had as a smoker - one of the things i most noticed after i quit was how quiet it was now i wasn't coughing all the way down the street in the mornings!!

best of luck on your quit!!


Yep, I had a hacking cough for a few days at the beginning. But the complete lack of cough now is possibly the best thing about the quit for me. I hadn't realised how much I was coughing before, until I stopped. I used to wake in the night coughing, wake up coughing, cough all evening, cough whenever I ran anywhere... agh, what was I doing to myself?!


me too, coughed a lot early on, but no longer. Even better, I can take a deep deep breath without going into a coughing fit. Lungs feel clear. Life is good!!!!!!!!!!!


My coughing got WAY worse for the first week then got slowly better for 2 weeks following. This week I am hardly coughing at all. I think it just takes some time to clear years of accumulated crud out.


i didnt really cough to much but i was having chest pain when i took deep breaths and yawning and stuff and within 1 week of my quit it was totally gone:D so whenever i think about having a smoke i take a deep breathe and remember how it used to hurt when i smoked and how it doesnt hurt anymore:cool: ahhhhh...the benefits... hope you feel better and happy about your choice to quit smoking:) makes ya feel good when ya see how much money you are saving and that you dont stink like smoke anymore:D all the best!!!


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