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so close to caving

toughest test ever on my quit came last night .

imagine the scenario.

me and my girlfriend are getting married next year

both 24 been together since 16

both live at home still

nearly saved for a deposit for house ( lot of money ) .

I go round to see her and she says I think I am pregnant,

queue the shakes, feeling sick, dizzy scared nearly crying times.

i so badly wanted a cigarette and would have had one if I had some .

next thing i no i am at asda spending a bleeding fortune on pregnancy tests .

cut a long story short she peed on a stick she aint pregnant ( hallelujah praise the lord)

thank Fu*k for that.

was nealy having a full blown heart attack and so nealy distrode my quit .

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Just goes to show that having a cigarette wouldn't have affected the outcome of that test at all!

I see what you mean though... I'm not quite sure what I would do if I was faced with a situation like that (especially now when my quit is feeling a bit rocky). You did really well to not think that just 1 would help you get through it.


I can see where you are coming from and can imagine that would have been really stressful for you last night.

Well done for not smoking and staying quit.



Double well done, well done on not smoking, and well done for passing the fag counter in Asda.:eek: Always at the door, so you have to pass it on your way in and out!!


ahhhhh..sorry you had such a rough time:eek: glad that you didnt give in!! im feeling like i want one reaL BAD for no apparent reason,,,must be subconscious! stay strong and congrats on not smoking through that stress!!


Be proud of your self . Glad the out come was good :D


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