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Day 2 *Bites Nails*

Hello all,

Day two now and day 6 of the Champix tablets.

Last night I had a night of broken sleep with weird dreams, not bad dreams tho just plain weird.

Today I feel ill, sore throat & earache which I am guessing means I am going to get the cold virus that keeps on going round and round at work. I guess in a way it will help my none smoking as when I am ill I never smoke anyhoo :)

I know that the weird dreams & broken sleep is a known side effect of Champix and I will see how it goes as I am only on day 6 so they will just be getting into my system.

Good luck to all my January Quitter friends & to all none smokers out there :cool:

Shaz x

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Hi Shaz,

Glad you made it through day 1 (surprising how many people fail in day 1).

It's all positive from now on, you've done 1 day then you can do another and another.....the trains in motion and it ain't stopping until the end of the line ;)



Well done on day one

If you can make it through day one, you can make it through day two, and if you can make it through day two you can make it through day three......

Don't bet on it being the cold, I had that sore throat etc feeling for a few days after I quit but it didn't come to anything. Strange dreams - tell me about it, but again they settled down too.

Keep going, I'm on Day 19 today, you'll be here too before you know it.



I started late on Champix and for me it's worth it. Terrible insomnia and some weird dreams (and some very nice weird dreams!) but none of the other effects which for some people include stomach pains, depression etc etc. Some people are advised to come off the Champix, but for me, it's worth every cent.


Not all medicines agree with everyone but glad you've found what works for you Jeremy as it'll make you an non-smoker and save your life.


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