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1 year and 2 weeks and have the craving

Dear all,

I'm happy the whole year (even though I had cravings now and then) in this year that I'm smoke free now. But from the past 1 week or 2 I feel like smoking a cigarette. hmm..feel like the cravings are not gone totally. I also had the problem of water like fluid flowing from my nose (a kind of allergy) which increased after I quit smoking. But now the problem is gone for ever and I feel like a healthy man.

At the same time I have strange thoughts in my mind....that If i quit once I can quit again if I start smoking again :(..I also dreamt that I started smoking :(

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We have got passed the major milestone of one year but we still have to be aware that we will always be smokers just that we are choosing not to smoke, don’t think that if you have one you will be able to quit so easy again because you want, if you take one puff you will be a smoker again and all the effort you have put into the last year will be wasted, read the posts you did at the beginning of your quit to see why you stopped, also run up a flight of stairs and you will know you couldn’t do that a year ago no matter how much you lie to yourself, what you are doing is remembering old memories and thinking they were good!!!!!!!!! but they fade again I promise, I was like that for a few days round my year mark and I suppose they will always sneak back to worry us but you don’t really want to smoke do you, hang in their xx


Hi Jamangie,

Thanks for the words and I'm still fighting to stop the cravings. As you mentioned, hopefully these cravings are gone after a few days.



You must bear in mind that none of us became smokers overnight, we learnt, usually with a determined effort, how to become a smoker and our bodies had to make major adjustments to accommodate it.

Stopping smoking has many different challenges but what is clear is that it's easier to quit the more recent you are to smoking as your database of smoking is quite small.

It's very easy even after years of cessation to cherry-pick nice smoking moments and forget the horrid ones.

Quitting and staying quit is just as long a process as smoking and it's our attitude to it that keeps us on the path not just a gritty determination at all costs.

We all have to re-affirm our vows every now and again but it really does get so much easier as time goes by. :)


Hi Austin,

You are so true in the expression "cherry picking the good times" while I was a smoker. thats the exact thing that goes in my mind now a days. so many experienced people helping me is making my determination to "not to smoke" stronger. Thanks for the help.



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