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Serious energy

I have been out for two 40 minute walks today, and am still feeling like I could do ALOT more... before I gave up I wasn't exercising at all because I have had compartment syndrome in my right leg and didn't want to start it off again... although the walks are painful, its giving me a real buzz. I would love to run, but I think I will have to build up my legs tolerance to exercise... I am sure that the energy I have is as a result of giving up the fags, and with a general easing of the cravings I am really feeling the positive effects of my quit now- its just ashame that the cost of food and other basics seem to have gone up massively since Xmas because I havent REALLY noticed the financial reward to be honest.

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Take some money and put it aside each day - just like you would have done for some fags! It sounds like you deserve a treat so take one even if its only a small one!!

Well done too!


the weathers not helping its so nice outside and the fact the days are starting to stay lighter for longer makes all the difference

making me feel guilty as i should do more exercise but cant walk far atm due to probs with my hip and knee :(

i do know what you mean about prices going up :eek: especially petrol i suppose that does have some sort of knock on effect to everything else


Vicki, Helen's right, put some of the money you would have spent on smoking aside each day, at least for a month, then give yourself a treat. Let's face it, you would have found the money to smoke, so putting a little of it aside won't do any harm.

Enjoy that lovely fresh air, Spring is just around the corner and it's lovely to watch the seasons change.

Lorraine :)


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