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day three is much better than days 1 and 2

Lets hope I am not getting lulled into a false sense of security, but day 1 and 2 were a nightmare (couldn't even be bothered to speak to anyone) but today (day three) I am feeling quite bright!

Went to the shop for the first time today and didn't buy any fags - Thats a first!

Just been advised about this site so decided to join.

Hello everyone

I am Helen age 33, have smoked for 20 years so it has just about defined who I am. I have decided to quit mostly for my kids who are 8 and 4, but also cause my husband has agreed to buy me a puppy if I succeeed for 4 months!!:)

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Hi Helen and well done on getting to day 3 :) and the fact you have found this site is an added bonus :D

as the people on here are great for support advise rant and have a laugh with we all know what your going through

have a read of some of the threads and posts and if you fancy a laugh go into the general forum and read some of the jokes david posts every day

regards Carol

oh just remembered you can join the january group in social groups if you want (it can help) click on quick links and then social groups


Well done for keeping going even though you found it really tough. I cant count the number of times i've given in on day 1 because it was hard! (trying to have a more positive mindset this time)

It's good you're aware that you dont want to get lulled into false sense of security too. I'm loving the forum - it has really helped me get through day 1 relatively pain free! Keep coming back:)


Thank you both. It is nice to speak to people in similar situations.

I did nearly kill my hubby when on Sunday (Day 1), he said that ME giving up smoking was hard for him too, cause I was a bit snappy!!!!!! I mean DIVORCE or what?

But then he promised me the puppy so I forgave him.


Hard for him???! Grrrrrr:mad: But then puppy? ahhhhh:)

My other half has been odd too - he maintains that it's entirely my fault that he smoked (we have stopped together) - he said the only reason he smoked was cos i was smoking and it was too hard for him to give up when i continued to smoke.

I get that it would have been harder, but i dont think it's fair to blame it all on me - he still smoked if i wasnt there/he was out with friends etc. Now think he's feeling the widthdrawal - which i dont think he was expecting...cos his smoking was my fault - nothing to do with addiction you see?:rolleyes:

PS - what puppy will you get?


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