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work will be hard today


Actually not sure if work will be hard or not?? If I am saying that it will, then it will, but don't think it will actually. Mind over matter. The more you think how hard it will be the harder it becomes - like when you think of the rest of your life without smoking do you think - 'how will i cope' or do you think - 'how fantastic it will be'. That's why I am handling this quit by the hour not the day. just think about the next hour - that's not long at all is it? and write it down somewhere you can see or even others can see too, so you get that encouragement from them too!

If that makes any sense??

Cravings still there but not as strong and easier to bypass. I now feel like I am in control not the Nicotine!!


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Or at least i thought i was in control....... not having good day so far :(

It happens, good days and bad days are there anyway... smokers have them as well as non-smokers...

Just get through it and at the end you can give yourself a massive pat on the back (or glass of wine!) to congratulate yourself for getting through it :)

think a glass of wine or beer sounds good - and some delicious pasta with courgette, chilli and pinenuts mmmmmmm

Better go for a run in readiness for all the food I'm going to eat :)

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