Why i have decided to quit

Firstly i love my family more than cigarettes, although at times through the years i have not always looked at things in this way. I want to be able to enjoy my children and grandchildren when they come along. I don't want to become a slave to an oxygen bottle with some terrible condition. I want to be there to give my daughter away and see my sons married. I have a wife who has progressive MS and she needs someone to help and support her. More than that i do not want to smoke anymore, although i thought it has been a good friend of mine throughout the years dealing with stressful situations it no longer belongs in my life and i can manage without it. I want to draw my Pension and many years of it, the Government are not getting their hands on my pension before i do. But i dont want to be a slave to tobacco again I have put off fishing trips because i didnt want my son to know i smoked, now how bad is that. I really want to give up and now know its the right time.

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  • well done on writing your reasons down :) they are good reasons and over the coming time if that nicorette demon trys to entice you back just read this and the craving will pass

    regards Carol

  • Well thought out, I have faith you make it, there is so much support on this forum, Welcome and enjoy.

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