free help from paul mckenna to stop smoking

hi caught this on lorraine and thought i would post it on here for anyone thinking of giving up or just stopped smoking the fact that its free is an added bonus :D :D

i hope it helps there are other links on there for help with other issues like losing weight and gaining confidence as well

regards Carol

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  • Thanks Carol, will have a look when I get home tonight :D

    Hope you are doing well & managing to see the wood for the spam :eek:

    Gaynor xx

  • More free help

    Hi, i've been toying with hypnosis for a while now to try and give up. This site i found on google are doing a home course with the first month free; Gonna give it a try i reckon.

  • hi just had a look at that site you might get one month free but you still have to subscribe to pay out for the next 5 months its not a bad offer though in comparison to some thats going around but the one i posted was free to just click and listen to the audio

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